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Strengthen cross-team collaboration
at remote companies

Have you ever heard this before? "Yeah, we don’t own that. I don’t know who does"
whoowns helps anyone in your org find out who owns what in a snap 🫰. It's a dynamic service catalog that makes team and service-discovery accessible where collaboration happens; in Slack.

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Use popular integrations

Whoowns can integrate from sources such as codeowners, pagerduty and or notion to  auto-populate and auto-sync your services, teams and more with zero access to your code.

help oncall know who to page in Slack

Answer who owns this? with one command

  • Shorten triage times & reduce cognitive load during incidents from having to remember team names, services, links, users working hours and more.

  • Find a service by its aliases or with fuzzy-search for quicker discovery.

Cut Slack noise from repeated questions & increase level of autonomy for both technical & non-technical staff

  • who owns this?
  • whats Slack channel should I go to ask a question?
  • who's oncall for this service?
  • what else is this known as?
  • who's in this team?
  • who's currently within working hours?
  • where's the runbook?
show owning team bot for Slack

Get a snapshot into any teams identity

  • See teams working hours based on their timezone

  • Create a team hero rotation

Unified view of your services

  • makes it easier to find the appropriate people/teams who own a given part of the codebase. This is especially useful in a multi-team, monorepo environment.

  • View unowned files to mitigate risk

  • Monitor services not in an on-call rotation
naming a service is hard

Use cases

Leadership / People Ops

Make for smoother re-orgs

Reduce bus factor by showing the entire list of members who are responsible for a service

Help onboard new employees

Improve ownership clarity

Oncallers & Technical Support Engineers

Efficiently triage tickets and solve issues faster by knowing what team, channel & available oncaller to reach to

Security/Software Engineers

  • Navigate the org with ease and find the right team to escalate to

Pinpoint unowned code repositories to mitigate risk

Common questions

type in Slack whoowns, how many results show up?

15 second test

Type in Slack "who owns". how many search results show up?

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✓ 2 min setup ✓ No CC Required