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April 2024

🐞 Bug fixes
  • There was a bug that didnt allow users to install any integrations. This has now been fixed.
  • (Performance improvements) On installation of notion integration users won't need to wait up to 10 minutes for the data to be loaded.

February 2024

⭐️ Improvements
  • See list of unowned services

    • The catalog now includes unowned repositories so you can keep track and search for unowned services.
    • The catalog is now searchable using either the services name or name of the team.
    • Pagerduty token
  • Improved table catalog

    • The table overview now includes more data for a better overview. You should now see a last update timestamp, oncaller information and the file owner.
🎁 New features
  • Search a service not by just its name but by its aliases and get a response back even with spelling-mistakes.

      whoowns now supports fuzzy search and aliases support. Most services can go by many names, whether its an acronym or a common misspelling. You can now add aliases to your service and search by them. How to use
    • 1. Type `/whoowns service name`
    • 2. update and add any aliases your service is also known for, it might be an acronym or a common misspelling.
    • 3. Done! you can now search also by the aliases you added.
    find a repository by its alias or acronym
  • Show team members working and non-working hours

      How to use
    • Type `/whoowns team team-name
    • Click the update button and and team members, hit submit.
    • Done! you can now see the list of team members in a team and whether its
    currently their working hours or non-working hours. Currently it counts workings hours as 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and not having your status set to "Vacationing".

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  • TimezoneStart HourEnd HourStart DayEnd Day
    All countries not in this list917MondayFriday

January 2024

🎁 New features
  • Catalog table

    You can now see a complete list of your services and their owners in a searchable table. In your personal area click the "Catalog" tab to access it.
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  • Monorepository & Microservice support

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December 2022

🎁 New features
  • Pagerduty Integration

    You can now find out who is on call in pagerduty for what service in Slack. Go to your dashboard and add a pagerduty read-only api key to enable. The bot will then sync with pagerduty on a recurring interval with your pagerduty schedule.Pagerduty token